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3D Solutions


1º Step


4º step

To submit a quote:

Submit a file to


Accepted formats .stl  .obj ou .dae

If there are multiple files, it is recommended that you send a compressed folder or a link when sending the request.

We will validate the compliance of the file. If it is corrupted or with "non-manifold-geometry", we will inform and request the resubmission of a new file.

Tell us about the quality you want

Exterior look (millimeters per layer):

- 0.2 mm

- 0.35 mm

- 0.5 mm

Inner fill:

- Low density

- Average density

- High density

Each of these options will influence the printing time

The file being in the established parameters, it will be made its visualization and budget.

We will send you an estimate:

- Execution time

- Total cost of the piece

- Shipping costs

Our office currently supports file estimates up to 1,5 x 1,5 x 1,5 mt.


final step

Currently you have at your disposal 9 3D printing machines of multiple sizes working to complete your piece in the best possible time. 

To obtain a file without embedding, the maximum available size is

50 x 50 x 50 cm


Additional steps



When asking for your piece to be smoothed, it will be sanded and will receive primers to obtain the smoothest possible finish.

If you want it to be reinforced and more resistant, it is recommended to order fiberglass.

We recommend it in pieces above 1 meter.

If you want to reproduce the piece in series, mold and respective pieces can be made in polyester and fiberglass.

To make unique paintings on the piece, you will have to send images related to what you want. If you are not sure about the painting, send suggestions.


A suggestion of a unique painting can be made for you.


If you want a general finish on the piece, we have high gloss or matte painting equipment.


Depending on the choice of varnish, you may have the piece outside, which will not wear out.

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